Posted November 25, 2015

How are 12-packs faring at the LCBO?

In April it was announced that the LCBO would begin carrying 12-packs and subsequently launched its ten-store trial in July/August, both of which Steam Whistle and Muskoka Brewery participated.

So, how are 12-pack sales faring at the LCBO?

“Since Steam Whistle Pilsner 12-packs were added to the various pilot store locations, we have seen a lift in overall sales within each store,” says Bromlyn Bethune, Steam Whistle’s Director of Sales & Marketing. “It seems as though we are converting the 6pk buyer to a 12pk given the one-stop-shop option for those looking for a larger format.

Bethune adds, “The locations, store-style and consumer base run the gamut within this pilot so not every store is performing identically, however across the board we have received increased visibility for craft offerings in the LCBO. Overall, we’d say the test is very positive for craft beer and we hope that it will roll out to more stores.”

The Collingwood Brewery announced it would begin selling a 12-pack of its Fireside Extra Special Bitter in 473ml cans at the LCBO this week.

“We are moving everything to 12-packs,” says Chris Freeman, Head Brewer at The Collingwood Brewery. “For the [Fireside] ESB the price per can is $2.85, so the 12-pack will run $34.20. We expect to have it in at least 100 stores by Christmas.”

Freeman explains, “We switched to 12-packs for several reasons – one of them being that rules may change soon for the sale of 12 packs at the LCBO. We’ve already had feedback from stores that consumers  come in purchase an entire flat (24) of our Downhill Pale Ale.  This move to 12-packs is really a response to how people are (still) buying beer.”

Muskoka Brewery has sold nearly 1000 of its mixed Survial Packs since July.

“It has been a good experience for Muskoka Brewery to date with lots of cooperation and support from the LCBO,” says Todd Lewin, Vice President of Sales.

“The in-store displays have been good with lots of visibility for this pilot program.  Test will be running for a full year with existing SKU’s with an independent audit at the end of the term to determine if rolling out to more stores.  Feedback from customers at the store level has been very positive,” Lewin adds.

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Note: Store inventory numbers initially quoted were incorrect and have been removed -Ed.


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