Posted November 12, 2017

Your 64: Frigid Earth Edition

Your 64 – a weekly roundup of beer stories and news outside Ontario to inspire you for the 64 hours from Friday at 5pm to Monday at 9am – by Allegra Swanson.

As someone who’s a huge fan of the craft beer industry in Ontario, I have some beer education (shout out to Prud’homme L1!) and two paper certificates crowning me the beer mile champion (2016, 2017, nbd) but lack a role in the industry or how to properly explain the subtle terroir of the hops making up your IPA.

Here’s to the weekend; here’s to YOUR 64.

Where’s Your Head At? A Look at Mental Health in the Beer Industry

This longer read is perfect for a weekend morning; grab a coffee and get back into bed and red about the very real struggles that many in the beer industry deal with every day.

Incredibly insightful and important stories that should be shared more often.


Try it: Barrel-Aged Foods

While I don’t have a sweet tooth, the idea of barrel aged maple syrup in a craft cocktail is top notch.


Craft Brewers Edge Their Way Into Lebanon Market

This three year old brewery just opened its first bar and business is already up 45%.

When you’re in a market where there’s only one other beer (a “ubiquitous” Pilsner), it’s time for craft beer.


You Won’t Die of Dysentery in the Updated Oregon Trail… But You Will Drink Beer

Oregon is hands down the best place I’ve ever been in the states. It’s got the coastline of California and also the redwood forests.

So while tourism needs no help, they re-created an 8-bit version of the Oregon Trail game from our youth where you are allocated money and can do things like drink craft beer, go for a hike, or buy stuff at the local shop like artisanal coffee or dry socks. So. Fun.


Chief Hopper from Stranger Things Gets His Own Beer

Gotta love a marketing tool like this to get people to pick up a bottle to get a closer look.

And what’ll ensure they take it home? “Big & bitter 9.1% double IPA.”


Dogfish Head Joins Warrior Dash As Exclusive Beer Partner

As an obstacle course race junkie, I want nothing more than a beer after finishing climbing over walls and under nets.

Kudos to Dogfish Head for securing this awesome partnership.

Look at this: stunning autumnal beer photography via @draftmag

Make this: beef, beer, and mushroom stew with chive dumplings

Listen to this: Zone out to “Mercury” from an incredible album put together by Sufjan Stevens, James McAlister, Nico Muhly, and Bryce Dessner.

Cheers to Your 64: Heading to drink Dieu du Ciel dry and knock back all the Trou du Diable before it turns to ash in the hands of Molson. Wait, did I say that? Spending the weekend in Montreal adventuring around my old stomping grounds and enjoying the wild selection of the magical depanneur. Cheers!

Allegra Swanson t: @ayoungvoice  i: @ayoungvoice

Your 2016, 2017 Toronto Beer Mile Champion. Manager, Planning & Development at The JUNO Awards. All around runner, knitter, canlit reader + all things craft beer.


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