Posted April 2, 2014

AGCO releases Regulatory Modernization in the Beverage Alcohol Industry report

agco-reportToronto, ON – The Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario released yesterday its Regulatory Modernization in the Beverage Alcohol Industry Findings Report, a review of its approach to the regulation of wine, beer, and spirits manufacturers, manufacturers’ representatives, ferment-onpremise operators, and liquor delivery services.

“Ontario’s beverage alcohol industry is in the midst of a period of significant expansion and diversification. At the same time, Ontario continues to have the strongest policies of any province in Canada for reducing the negative health and social costs related to alcohol,” writes the AGCO.

“This review presents an opportunity to modernize our regulatory approach in a way that supports new investment and innovation, maintains strong protection of the public interest, and responds to shifting economic and social realities.”

The 51-page report covers laws, policies and procedures that fall within the existing regulatory mandate of the AGCO, including licensing, manufacturer retail stores, advertising and promotional activities, and product sampling.

View: Regulatory Modernization in the Beverage Alcohol Industry [PDF]


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