Posted August 13, 2018

At the LCBO – Summer 2018

These Ontario beers, ciders and spirits will be available soon at LCBO stores for the first time or returning as seasonal releases. Frequently updated with newest additions at top.

Product Size Price
Northern Ontario Sixer Adventure Pack 6x473ml $19.00
Fracture Imperial IPA* 473ml $4.25
Collective Arts Project Gose Guava 473ml $3.75
Barley Days Wind & Sail Dark Ale 473ml $2.95
Fenelon Falls Brewing Vienna Lager 473ml $3.50
Collective Arts Project IPA No.6 473ml $4.95
Flying Monkeys Theoretikal Zero² IPA 473ml $3.25
Anderson Craft Ales Autumn 6x355ml $13.95
Amsterdam Autumn Hop* 473ml $3.25
Great Lakes Saison Dupump* 650ml $4.75
Great Lakes Pumpkin Ale* 650ml $3.95
Beau’s Mix Fall 2018 4x600ml $21.95
Beau’s 49° 54° Fogo Island Myrrh-smoked Gose 600ml $7.95
Norse Golden Ale 473ml $3.15
Black’s Distillery Gin 750ml
Beau’s Four Flower Gruit 600ml $5.95
Bitte Schön Brauhaus Huron St. Hefeweizen 473ml $3.10
The Exchange Brewery β Brettbier 330ml $5.95
Sawdust City Olde BA Johnston’s Finest Malt Liquor 473ml $4.25
Bell City Castaway Beach Wheat Ale 473ml $3.15
Beau’s Farm Table ESB 600ml $5.95
White Distillery Berrycello 375ml $21.95
Vimy Cream Ale 473ml $3.15
Haliburton Highlands Honey Brown Ale 473ml $3.45
Spearhead Summer Ale 473ml $3.15
Clocktower Raspberry Wheat 473ml $2.85
Tawse Cider 473ml $3.25
Beyond the Pale Yummy! NEPS 473ml $4.00
Riverhead Tropical IPA 473ml $3.20
White Water Astrolabe Session IPA 473ml $3.25
Wellington 3 Weeks Notice Pomegranate Witbier 473ml $3.35
Nickel Brook Immodest Imperial IPA* 473ml $4.95
Muskoka Docker Gin & Tonic 473ml $3.05
Collective Arts Ginger Lime Berliner Weisse 473ml $3.95
Georgian Bay Cranberry Gin Smash 473ml
Pommies Cider Red Sangria 473ml $3.50
Lake Of The Woods Papermaker Pilsner 473ml $3.15
Elora Pink Guava Lodestar Sour Ale 500ml $4.95
Bobcaygeon Birch Bark White IPA 473ml $3.25
Lake of Bays Summer Gose Spin Dive 473ml $3.15
Collective Arts Liquid Art Fest IPA 473ml $4.95
Nickel Brook Peach Uber Berliner Weisse 500ml $5.95
Nickel Brook Duplicitous Citra Dry-Hopped Sour 473ml $3.15
Nickel Brook Lost in Orbit Session IPA 473ml $3.15
Nickel Brook Wicked Awesome IPA 473ml $3.25
Beau’s Farm Table Hopfenlager 600ml $5.95
Beau’s De Berry’s Treasure Black Raspberry & Rhubarb Gose 600ml $7.95
Forbidden Pink Raspberry Cider 473ml $3.25
The Exchange Brewery Peppercorn Rye Saison 750ml $13.50
Sawdust City Pink Grapefruit Radler 473ml $3,25
Anderson Craft Ales Summer 6x355ml $13.95
Whiprsnapr Carol Anne Irish Blonde Ale 473ml $3.05
Hop City Big Tiki Tropical Punch Blonde 473ml $3.20
Flying Monkeys Wonderstar Botanical Lager 473ml $3.25
Left Field Sunlight Park Grapefruit Saison* 355ml $3.00
Great Lakes Meanwhile…Down in Moxee IPA 4x355ml $10.95
Block Three Fickle Mistress Dry-hopped Sour 500ml $5.00
Stalwart Brewing Dr. Feelgood IPA 473ml $4.10

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*Returning seasonal


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