Posted August 9, 2018

Barley Days Brewery comments on their buck-a-beer

Picton – Barley Days Brewery today issued a press release regarding their participation in the Ford government’s Buck-a-Beer Challenge that was announced this week.

To date, they are the only brewery in the province to indicate support for the program.

Barley Days’ Loon Lager (4.5%) in 355ml cans will be available for $1.00 at the LCBO beginning August 27, 2018.

Edit: It is unconfirmed if this price includes tax and deposit.

“We have stepped up to the challenge to produce a top-quality craft beer that every Canadian can afford. Barley Days Brewery opened its doors in 2007 as the first craft brewery in Prince Edward County,” said Kyle Baldwin. “We are proud to be the oldest brewery in Prince Edward, where we continue to brew craft beers to the highest degree of excellence. This Buck-a-Beer program continues that tradition and gives our customers great craft beer at a great price.”

“Barley Days Loon Lager is a top quality beer, and it won’t be compromised to meet the Buck-a-Beer challenge,” the release adds.  “Beer has no politics. The only party that beer understands is the party that you host for your friends and neighbours. Our goal has always been about producing this excellent craft beer. This is about ensuring that all Canadians can enjoy top quality craft beer at a great price. We make beer; we are good it and we hope you will try our new Barley Days Lagoon Lager. You won’t regret it!”

Lead image via press release

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