Posted May 4, 2016

Beattie’s Distillers releases Potato Vodka at LCBO

Alliston – Beattie’s Distillers, a new spirits maker based on its namesake family potato farm in Alliston, has released its potato-based Vodka at the LCBO.

“Making our vodka is a difficult process; we have to peel every single potato to make sure we only mash the heart of the vegetable. We then distill our own spring water to remove any impurities that may occur,” explains the distillers.

“We are so confident in the quality of our potatoes, our master distiller and our equipment, we need only distill once. We also only filter our product once… We just felt if you have to distill more than once, then the first time was not right,” they add.

Currently, the vodka is produced at a distillery in Oakville, but a distillery is currently under construction on the Beattie’s farm expected to open in late 2016.

Beattie’s Potato Vodka is available now at more than 100 LCBO locations across Ontario in 750ml bottles for $34.25.


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