Posted November 27, 2013

Beer lab a possibility in 2014 at Durham College

durham-collegeDurham College in Whitby could receive a beer lab in 2014, according to a report in the college’s newspaper, The Chronicle.

The college’s business incubator manager, Chris Gillis, was inspired by the region’s expanding community of craft breweries to create a yeast laboratory that would be outfitted to analyse yeast used in the production of beer. The Chronicle adds it would be the size of a single classroom, but could help stimulate the growth of local breweries.

Gillis is currently seeking funding.

“A federal grant could provide the school with a new program for the yeast lab – to educate aspiring brewers. Or the grant could help form a lab as a research facility used exclusively with industry. One of the greatest parts of the plan though is to have craft beer at the Centre for Food,” says Gillis to The Chronicle.


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