Posted September 11, 2013

Boshkung Brewing Co. coming to Haliburton County

Boshkung Brewing-largeHalbiburton County, ON will soon be home to its first brewery, Boshkung Brewing Co., when it launches later this year adjoined to a revised location of Rhubarb, a popular fine-dining restaurant in Eagle Lake, near Kenora, ON.

Restaurateurs Terri Mathews and Chris Carl announced earlier this week that Rhubarb will soon be located on Highway 118 and 35, replacing That Place in Carnarvon, according to Minden Times.

Long-time homebrewer, Blake Paton – a friend of Carl, will oversee brewery operations to be located in the lower level of Rhubarb. Paton aims to utilized local ingredients for his beers and cultivate his own hops.

“Recently I’ve been mostly brewing dark ales”, says Paton, who is open to style input. “I want to hear more from women. I sort of know what young guys like to drink … they like it very hoppy and very bitter”, quotes the Minden Times.

Boshkung Brewing Co. is named for nearby Boshkung Lake, a common cottage and recreation destination.

Rhubarb and Boshkung Brewing are geared up for a New Year’s Eve opening.


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