Posted May 8, 2018

Brewery Technician diploma launches at CTS Canadian Career College

North Bay – A new Brewery Technician course is launching at CTS Canadian Career College (CTSCCC) in conjunction with Highlander Brew Co. – the 36-week diploma program will be delivered across the entire province.

“This diploma program prepares the graduate for work in various breweries, including large-scale breweries or craft breweries,” explains CTSCCC. “The classroom instruction will primarily be done through an online distance learning model, enabling students to remain within their respective communities and not have to relocate for an extended period of time to take their theoretical training.”

The Brewery Technician course covers:

Brewery Health and Safety
Introduction to Brewing Processes, Practices and Technology
Hops and the Chemistry of Wort Boiling
Yeast and Fermentation
Beer Maturation and Treatments
Marketing, Distribution, Regulations, and Taxes
Brewery Internship

The program – approved by the Ontario’s Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Development – begins September 2018 with practical placement to start February 2019.

“The practical portion can be hosted with the brewery at which the student is employed if that is the case. For those who might not be employed by a brewery, CTSCCC will secure placement in a partner brewery across Ontario,” explains Dwayne Wanner, President of Highlander Brew Co. and the proponent of the program.

Wanner continues, “For the next year, Highlander Brew Co. will continue to act as program coordinator and a liaison with the member breweries. One of many exciting elements of this coordinating role will be to create a registry within the Ontario Craft Brewers that allows employers to easily verify the educational credentials of applicants who indicate they have completed a Brewing Technician diploma. Our vision is that this will make it much easier for employers to hire qualified professionals for work in their breweries with just a few simple clicks.”

Enrollment is open now – for more information, visit CTS Canadian Career College.

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