Posted February 4, 2016

Brunswick Bierworks introduces partner brewing concept to Ontario

Toronto – Brunswick Bierworks is introducing a new concept to the brewing industry in Ontario with their partner brewing that, according to Brewers Journal, is open concept brewery that will produce beers from local and global brewery partners.

Founded by Chris Goddard and Mike Laba, both of The Craft Brand Co., Brunswick Bierworks will open its Toronto facility at 25 Curity Ave hosting a 50 hectolite brewhouse and a 20 hectolitre pilot system and on site bottle shop and taproom.

“It provides our brewery partners an ability to access to National and International markets with fresh product brewed to their exact specifications under the supervision of their own Brewmaster. Our facility provides a variety of packaging options as well as the ability to distribute directly from our brewery. Our model allows brewers to expand their distribution without the capital costs of building a new brewery and without the incremental costs of import freight,” the Brewers Journal quotes Laba.

They have enlisted Christian Riemerschmid von der Heide as Senior Brewing Advisor, who has worked previously for Augustiner-Bräu in Munich, Germany and Guinness in Dublin, Ireland and currently COO as Newlands Systems, who is also constructing their brewhouse.

Brunswick Bierworks will also handle packaging, marketing, sales, and distribution.

It is target to open Spring 2016.

Source: GTA Brews – Facebook


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