Posted December 9, 2012

Canada names its first Master Cicerone

Canada now has its first and only Master Cicerone, a status designated by the Cicerone Certification Program based in the United States. It is akin to a Sommelier of wine, but to beer.

Mirella Amato, of Ontario’s Beerology, is now one of only six Master Cicerones in North America to hold the distinction.

A Master Cicerone, “possess encyclopedic knowledge of beer and highly refined tasting ability. Such knowledge generally results from years of thoughtful study and tasting, travel to classic beer producing areas, hands-on experience with beer service, in-depth familiarity with brewing and ingredients and frequent and repeated experience in beer and food pairing. Candidates have not only knowledge but experience and, as a result, an informed and nuanced understanding of the universe of beer flavor.”

Mirella offers guided tastings and pairings, staff training programs and other various workshops through Beerology.

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