Posted June 12, 2018

Canadian Homebrewers Association launches

Vancouver – A new national group for homebrewers has just launched – the Canadian Homebrewers Association plans to unify homebrewers across the country.

Founders Scott Butchart and Kathy Yan Li explain, “a few groups have tried making this happen over the years, but struggled to make it expand outside of their region, so it was very important for us to make sure that when we decided to do this, it represented all Canadian homebrewers from all the provinces and territories.”

The group intends to offer homebrewing supply discounts, a monthly newsletter, french translation for all content, and an annual traveling convention.can

Eric Cousineau – founder and President of GTA Brews homebrewing club – will act as Ontario’s representative.

A Kickstarter crowd funding campaign is running right now to help support the launch.

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