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Canadian winners announced for 2017 World Beer Awards

London, UK – The World Beer Awards have announced their World Style Winners and Country Winners for the 2017 competition year. More than 1900 beers from 36 countries were judged in 72 beer style categories.

Adrian Tierney-Jones, European Chairman of the World Beer Awards said: “The winners in this year’s World Beer Awards demonstrate that the global beer revolution is not going to go away any time soon. We have winners from the traditional brewing countries of Belgium and Germany, while the brewing powerhouse that is North America is also represented; however, the emerging brewing nation of Brazil also excites me immensely, which is why we held for the first-time a round one in Brazil for all Brazilian entries.

Canadian winners:

CategoryStyleWinner TitleBeerBrewery
Pale BeerAltbierCountry WinnerSticke AltLes Trois Mousquetaires Microbrasseurs
Pale BeerAmberCountry WinnerBristolCorsaire
Pale BeerAmberGold MedalAmbear Red AleCameron’s Brewing Company
LagerAmber / ViennaCountry WinnerLadder Run Amber LagerThornbury Village Craft Brewhouse
LagerAmber / ViennaGold MedalRedOld Flame Brewing Company
LagerAmber / ViennaSilver MedalLa Bonne Aventuremicrobrasserie pit caribou
LagerAmber / ViennaBronze MedalAmos Lager BlondeBelgh Brasse
LagerAmber / ViennaBronze MedalLos Muertos Cerveza NegraBad Tattoo Brewing Co.
Pale BeerBarley WineCountry WinnerWhere the Buffalo Roam BarleywineCameron’s Brewing Company
Dark BeerBarley WineCountry WinnerEarly Bird Breakfast BarleywineCameron’s Brewing Company
Pale BeerBarley WineSilver MedalFrappabordMicrobrasserie du Lac-Saint-Jean
Wheat BeerBavarian HefeweissCountry WinnerBlancheLes Trois Mousquetaires Microbrasseurs
Pale BeerBelgian Style BlondeCountry WinnerBlonde de ChamblyUnibroue
Dark BeerBelgian Style DubbelCountry WinnerLa Grivoise de NoëlLe Trou du iable
Dark BeerBelgian Style DubbelGold MedalGros Mollet Dubble BelgeMicrobrasserie du Lac-Saint-Jean
Dark BeerBelgian Style DubbelSilver MedalDubbel D’AbbayeBelgh Brasse
Dark BeerBelgian Style StrongBronze MedalLa RésolutionUnibroue
Dark BeerBelgian Style StrongCountry WinnerTerribleUnibroue
Pale BeerBelgian Style StrongCountry WinnerPadouMicrobrasserie du Lac-Saint-Jean
Dark BeerBelgian Style StrongGold MedalNuit d’automneFramtpon Brasse
Dark BeerBelgian Style StrongSilver MedalNoire de ChamblyUnibroue
Pale BeerBelgian Style TripelCountry WinnerLa Fin du MondeUnibroue
Wheat BeerBelgian Style WitbierBronze MedalUapishkaSt-Pancrace Microbrasserie
Wheat BeerBelgian Style WitbierCountry WinnerLa Blanche de ShawiLe Trou du diable
Wheat BeerBelgian Style WitbierGold MedalWitte D’AbbayeBelgh Brasse
Wheat BeerBelgian Style WitbierSilver MedalBlanche de ChamblyUnibroue
Pale BeerBiére De Garde / SaisonBronze MedalSaison Des DunesSt-Pancrace Microbrasserie
Pale BeerBiére De Garde / SaisonCountry WinnerSaison TraditionBrasseurs du Monde
Pale BeerBiére De Garde / SaisonGold MedalSaison
Pale BeerBiére De Garde / SaisonSilver MedalDu ReposHopfenstark
Pale BeerBitter over 5%Country WinnerBarrelShed No.1Shawn & Ed Brewing Company
Pale BeerBitter up to 4%Country WinnerKirkeCorsaire
Dark BeerBlack IPACountry WinnerSnake Island CDAWhite Sails Brewing
Dark BeerBrown AleCountry WinnerL’Ordre de toastsLagabière
FlavouredChocolate & CoffeeCountry WinnerSirkawaBrasserie Dunham
Pale BeerCream AlesCountry WinnerPortage AleMill Street Brewery
Pale BeerCream AlesGold MedalCosmic Cream AleCameron’s Brewing Company
LagerCzech-style PaleCountry WinnerPickup No. 26 PilsnerThornbury Village Craft Brewhouse
LagerCzech-style PaleSilver MedalStarke PilsnerAmsterdam Brewing Company
LagerDarkBronze MedalDam Dark LagerThornbury Village Craft Brewhouse
LagerDarkCountry WinnerNoireLes Trois Mousquetaires Microbrasseurs – LTM
LagerDarkGold MedalThe Black LagerSilversmith Brewing Company
LagerDarkSilver MedalBlack Forest Dark LagerCameron’s Brewing Company
Dark BeerEnglish Brown AleCountry WinnerEnglish Brown AleCorsaire Microbrasserie
Speciality BeerExperimentalBronze MedalTom Green Summer StoutBeau’s All Natural Brewing Co
Speciality BeerExperimentalCountry WinnerViti Vini ViciBrasserie Dunham
Speciality BeerExperimentalGold MedalBière de DrivewayL’Espace Public
Speciality BeerExperimentalSilver MedalInfinity MirrorHalcyon Barrel House
FlavouredFruit & VegetableBronze MedalBière de BalconL’Espace public
FlavouredFruit & VegetableBronze MedalLa FactrieMicrobrasserie Moulin 7
FlavouredFruit & VegetableCountry WinnerB RougeMicrobrasserie Pit Caribou
FlavouredFruit & VegetableGold MedalAssemblage No.6Brasserie Dunham
FlavouredFruit & VegetableSilver MedalÉphémère Sureau (Elderberry)Unibroue
FlavouredFruit & VegetableSilver MedalPineapple Express Wheat AleWhistler Brewing Co.
Sour BeerGerman StyleBronze MedalGoseLes Trois Mousquetaires Microbrasseurs
LagerGerman-style PaleCountry Winner3 Speed LagerAmsterdam Brewing Company
LagerGerman-style PaleGold MedalLa PitouneLe Trou du diable
LagerGerman-style PaleSilver MedalAnne Bonny PilsCorsaire Microbrasserie
Pale BeerGoldenCountry WinnerLa blonde de l’ansemicrobrasserie pit caribou
Sour BeerGose/OthersCountry WinnerBerliner WeisseLes Trois Mousquetaires Microbrasseurs
Sour BeerGueuzeCountry WinnerCeci n’est pas une GueuzeLes Trois Mousquetaires Microbrasseurs
LagerHelles/MünchnerBronze Medal1516 Bavarian LagerOkanagan Spring Brewery
LagerHelles/MünchnerCountry WinnerOriginal Organic LagerMill Street Brewery
LagerHelles/MünchnerGold MedalBlondeLes Trois Mousquetaires Microbrasseurs
LagerHelles/MünchnerSilver MedalCaptain’s Log LagerCameron’s Brewing Company
LagerHelles/MünchnerSilver MedalSieur de LéryFrampton Brasse
FlavouredHerb & SpiceCountry WinnerLa MoussaillonMicrobrasserie le Naufrageur
FlavouredHerb & SpiceGold MedalL’AffriolanteBilboquet Microbrasserie
FlavouredHoney & MapleBronze MedalLune de MielUnibroue
FlavouredHoney & MapleCountry WinnerMacKroken FlowerBilboquet Microbrasserie
FlavouredHoney & MapleSilver MedalBear Paw Honey LagerWhistler Brewing Co.
Stout & PorterImperial StoutBronze MedalStout Impérial RusseFramtpon Brasse
Stout & PorterImperial StoutCountry WinnerKamarad FriedrichHopfenstark
Stout & PorterImperial StoutGold MedalFolklore Imperial StoutBlack Bridge Brewery
Pale BeerImperial/Double IPACountry WinnerIIPAFrampton Brasse
Pale BeerIPABronze MedalIPALes Trois Mousquetaires Microbrasseurs
Pale BeerIPABronze MedalFull Time IPABeau’s All Natural Brewing Co
Pale BeerIPACountry WinnerImperiale IPABrasserie les 2 Frères
Pale BeerIPAGold MedalTa MeilleureLagabière
Pale BeerIPAGold MedalMt. Benson IPAWhite Sails Brewing
Pale BeerIPAGold MedalCyclope ThêtaBrasserie Dunham
Pale BeerIPASilver MedalInspirationSiboire Microbrasserie
Pale BeerIPASilver MedalShawi BeachLe Trou du diable
Pale BeerKölschCountry WinnerHigh Country KolschMt Begbie Brewing Company
Sour BeerKriekCountry WinnerRouge de Mékinac – Co-Hop VÀ La Fût
Sour BeerLambicCountry WinnerL’Hérisson-Brassin spécialLe Trou du Diable
Dark BeerMildCountry WinnerBlack Tusk AleWhistler Brewing Co.
Dark BeerOud BruinCountry WinnerRouges de AppalachesFrampton Brasse
Pale BeerPale AleBronze MedalSpelloMicrobrasserie Moulin 7
Pale BeerPale AleCountry Winner12 mile India Pale LagerCameron’s Brewing Company
Pale BeerPale AleGold MedalPale AleOkanagan Spring Brewery
Pale BeerPale AleGold MedalCruiserAmsterdam Brewing Company
Pale BeerPale AleGold MedalHonest Bucker Pale AleMill Street Brewery
Pale BeerPale AleSilver MedalMactavish In MemoriamLe Trou du Diable
Pale BeerPale AleSilver MedalWelterweight IPAMill Street Brewery
Stout & PorterPorterCountry WinnerLa CorriveauBilboquet Microbrasserie
Stout & PorterPorterGold MedalBig Ben PorterBrasseurs du Monde
Pale BeerSeasonalCountry WinnerGrisetteMicrobrasserie Moulin 7
Pale BeerSession IPABronze MedalSaisonBrasserie les 2 Frères
Pale BeerSession IPACountry WinnerRaison MerveilleuseSiboire Microbrasserie
FlavouredSmokeCountry WinnerBamberg Castle Smoked AleCameron’s Brewing Company
Sour BeerSour AleCountry WinnerSolera RougeBrasseurs du Monde
Sour BeerSour AleGold MedalCowsûre – Saison SûreÀ La Fût
Speciality BeerSteamCountry WinnerJigger’s DelightMill Street Brewery
Stout & PorterStoutBronze MedalPointe-NoireSt-Pancrace Microbrasserie
Stout & PorterStoutSilver MedalCobblestone StoutMill Street Brewery
Wheat BeerStrongCountry WinnerDon de DieuUnibroue
LagerStrongCountry WinnerDas Winter ProjektFrampton Brasse
Stout & PorterStrong PorterBronze MedalPorter BaltiqueLes Trois Mousquetaires Microbrasseurs
Stout & PorterStrong PorterCountry WinnerPorterOkanagan Spring Brewery
Stout & PorterStrong PorterGold MedalLa Gaspésienne #13Microbrasserie Pit Caribou
Stout & PorterStrong PorterSilver MedalVoragoAmsterdam Brewing Company
Stout & PorterSweet/Milk/Oatmeal StoutCountry WinnerQuaker StoutSiboire Microbrasserie
Dark BeerVintageCountry Winner17 Grande RéserveUnibroue
FlavouredWood AgedBronze MedalDouble TempestAmsterdam Brewing Company
FlavouredWood AgedCountry WinnerDeviator DoppelbockCameron’s Brewing Company
FlavouredWood AgedGold MedalGros Mollet Dubble Belge AgedMicrobrasserie du Lac-Saint-Jean
FlavouredWood AgedSilver MedalDos Esqueletos Mexican Style LagerWhistler Brewing Co.


The top eight World’s Best beers will be announced on September 21, 2017.

See a full list of all global winners here.

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