Posted August 14, 2018

Celebrate Ontario Farmers’ Market Week, on now

Brighton – The first annual Ontario Farmers’ Market Week is on now through August 19, 2018. Farmers’ markets provide an opportunity to taste and enjoy food and beverages grown and made in Ontario.

“The month of August is the height of the growing season in Ontario and farmers’ markets are packed full of local bounty,” says Farmers’ Markets Ontario Executive Director, Catherine Clark. “Farmers’ Markets Ontario represents more than 180 farmers’ markets across the province, offering consumers direct access to local fresh foods, at the peak of their freshness and flavour. It also puts them in touch with the hard-working farmers who produce the food.”

For a list of Ontario’s 180+ markets, click here.

“Farmers’ markets in Ontario not only bring city people and country people together, they bring neighbours together and foster a sense of community,” adds Clark. “Shoppers are choosing farmers’ markets for nature’s best produce, secure in the knowledge that the food is fresh, safe to eat and the next best thing to harvesting it themselves.” If you haven’t already been to one, visit your local farmers’ market this week and see what all the excitement is about.

Did you know you can pick up Ontario craft cider and VQA wines at farmers’ markets?


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