Posted January 31, 2018

Celebrate International Gruit Day on February 1

Vankleek Hill – International Gruit Day – a yearly celebration of gruit ale, a historic beer style brewed with herbs and spices instead of hops – returns Thursday February 1, 2018.

The world-wide movement, spearheaded by Beau’s Brewing Co., this year involves 60 breweries from 9 countries including Canada, the United States, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, Finland, the Netherlands and South Africa.

“The origins of gruit ale date to the medieval times, when most beers in Europe were brewed without the use of hops,” explains Beau’s. “Instead bitterness was provided by a mixture called gruit, a blend of local herbs and spices. Brewing with gruit was mandatory, but eventually brewing with hops would become the new compulsory, and brewing with gruit faded into obscurity.”

Ontario brewers including Beau’s, Brock Street, Church-Key, Haliburton Highlands, The Second Wedge, Waller Street, and Wellington are all participating with their own gruit releases, available February 1.

For more details, head here.


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