Posted November 27, 2013

Church-Key releases buckwheat-based Friar Buck’s Sarrasin

church-key-sarrasinChurch-Key Brewing Co. of Campbellford, ON today announced the release of its new Belgian-style Friar Buck’s Sarrasin brewed using buckwheat, Canadian 2-row barley, organic German wheat, caramel malt, and lactose sugar with Zeus, Golding and Cascade hops.

“What business does a brewer from eastern Ontario have brewing a Quebec/Belgian style Sarrisin? It ‘would be as welcome as a dog in a bowling alley’, or so the Québécois saying goes. We brewed it anyway, ” says the brewery.

“Buckwheat, strictly speaking, is not a grain; the little three-sided groats, like miniature beechnuts, are the seeds of a plant in the knotweed family,” says Church-Key. “Hulled and toasted, they are familiar to us as kasha, and are used very like other true grains. More than a quarter of the grist in this beer is  kasha, which contributes an aromatic nuttiness and silky, oily textures.”

Finishing at 7% ABV with 15 IBUs, Friar Buck’s Sarrasin is described as light gold in color with a slight veil, with low bitterness, subtle grain effects, and lactose sweetness.

It is available now on draught in select bars and restaurants in Ontario and in 650mL bottles on sale at the brewery retail store.


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