Posted April 22, 2016

Cider in grocery stores approved, sales set for June

ontarioOntario – The Ontario Ministry of Finance today announced that, following its recommendation in February, a regulation to add cider to the beer-in-grocery program has been approved and cider is set to launch in grocery stores this summer.

Retail requirements and product restrictions for cider match those in place for the beer. These include social responsibility requirements for staffing, store hours and display, as well as the restrictions for maximum alcohol content, container size and package size.

The 60 grocery stores across Ontario currently authorized to sell beer will be eligible to sell cider.

Like beer, a minimum of 20 per cent of cider on display in grocery stores must be produced by small cideries.

A small cidery is one whose annual worldwide cider production does not exceed 25,000 hectolitres, consistent with the provisions in the regulation.

The first legal selling date for cider for grocers will be June 24, 2016.

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