Posted June 9, 2016

Cider showcases excellence at Queen’s Park Speaker’s Reception

Via Ontario Craft Cider Association

Toronto – A lot has changed in a year. Last year, the Ontario Craft Cider industry was struggling to obtain shelf space at the LCBO, fighting for recognition of their distinct category and burdened by a provincial taxation structure that left them uncompetitive with craft beer and categorized as a wine.

Today, local Craft Cider Producers are beaming with Ontario pride as they reflect on their hard work over the past year collaborating with the Ministries of Finance and Agriculture to begin to develop an industry strategy similar to micro breweries and finalizing negotiations with the Premier’s Advisory Council Queen’s Park Speaker’s Reception to secure a new mark-up structure that enables small producers to succeed. With these strategic and necessary economic supports, the Ontario Craft Cider industry is poised to generate greater tax revenues for the province, expand local job growth and make a significant economic impact in Ontario.

“We hope to continue pushing forward to make the changes necessary to finally release the massive potential our industry represents to the economy of Ontario”, stated Thomas Wilson, Chair of the Ontario Craft Cider Association. “It has been a huge year for craft cider in Ontario. Without the support of the Premier, the Minister of Agriculture and the Minister of Finance and many others in between, we would still be waiting to be asked to the dance.”

The Ontario Craft Cider Producers are showing their appreciation to the Premier and her provincial colleagues at the 2nd annual Queen’s Park Speaker’s Reception this afternoon, 15 of Ontario’s Craft Cideries will be on hand pouring their crisp, apple and pear alcoholic beverages for all in attendance. MPP’s and others will vote on their favourite ciders, which will then be offered at the Legislative Assembly for 2016-2017.

Craft Cider Week comes to a close with highlight’s being the launch of the new “Her Father’s Cider Bar + Kitchen” on 119 Harbord Street in Toronto, the annual Cider Cruise around the Toronto harbour and over 75 new specialty cider varieties were crafted for this week long celebration.

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