Posted December 3, 2014

Clifford Brewing announces early 2015 launch

Hamilton, ON – Brad Clifford, co-founder of Ontario Beer Co. and the now defunct nanobrewery at Get Well Bar in Toronto, today announced the launch of Clifford Brewing Co., based in Hamilton, in early 2015.

Clifford Brewing will launch with its award-winning Clifford Porter, formerly Get Well Porter, in addition to other transitioning brands such as Pinball Wizard APA and Fuggle It Brown Ale.

“I’m looking forward to getting the beer out and making it more commercially available. I’ll be brewing and distributing all the beer myself. Only kegs to start but I hope to be packaging in a single serve format very soon as well,” says Clifford. “The porter is one of my favorite recipes and the perfect winter brew. It has all the right elements of chocolate and roast with earthy undertones and a balanced bitterness. It’s consistently proved to be very popular but limited in terms of its availability – until now.”

Clifford will contract his brewing at Innocente Brewing Co in Waterloo until a suitable location is found.

Clifford Porter launches in early 2015.


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