Posted January 22, 2015

Clifford Brewing launches with Porter

Hamliton, ON – Clifford Brewing Co., named after its founder Brad Clifford, officially launched this week with the release of its trademark Clifford Porter.

Clifford is a former award-winning homebrewer, co-founder of Ontario Beer Co., and was brewmaster at the now defunct nanobrewery at Toronto’s Get Well.

“I’ll be brewing and distributing all the beer myself. Only kegs to start but I hope to be packaging in a single serve format very soon as well,” says Clifford, who is utilizing the facilities at Innocente Brewing Co. in Waterloo until he finds a home for his brewhouse.

“The porter is one of my favorite recipes and the perfect winter brew. It has all the right elements of chocolate and roast with earthy undertones and a balanced bitterness. It’s consistently proved to be very popular but limited in terms of its availability – until now.”

Clifford Porter will be available at 17 establishments initially including The Ship, Brux House, C’est What, The Oxley, Bar Volo, WVRST, Get Well, The Rhino, Duke’s Refresher, The Embassy Bar (Kensington), Habits Gatropub, Tequila Bookworm, The Only, Indie Alehouse, The Bent Elbow, BRU Restaurant, and Silversmith Brewing.

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