Posted September 12, 2018

Collective Arts Brewing showcases five Fall beer releases

Hamilton – Collective Arts Brewing Co. has previewed five of their upcoming Fall 2018 beer releases as outlined below with the brewery’s descriptions:

Harvest Sour Saison (5%) – “Our Sour Harvest Saison is truly a unique mash up of styles and flavours. This brew starts as a classic Saison, utilizing a traditional Saison yeast to provide both spicy and earthy tones. We then inoculate the wort with Lactobacillus for 24 hours, giving the brew a refreshing sour flavour. From there we add locally grown and roasted pumpkins and traditional pumpkin pie spices. The final product is pure magic: sweet sour, and spicy. Refreshing and unique.”
Available: September 15 11:00AM at the brewery store. LCBO, bars & restaurants the week following.

Wet Hop Wheat (5%) – “This beer celebrates the harvest season with local Ontario hops picked within hours of brewing. 2-Row, wheat, and cara malts were mixed with a touch of Briess Wheat which lends this ale it’s goldish colour. The result is a straw-like, golden brew that’s extremely smooth and drinkable with a huge nose of juicy fruit and grassy mango, with pungent hops and a bready malt finish.”
Available: TBA

Raspberry Dry Hopped Sour (5.8%) – “We’re taking Jam Up the Mash to a whole new level. This mixed fermentation brew is juicy, sour and extremely refreshing. The flavour and aroma of raspberry dominate, which is then backed up a generous amount of berry-flavour forward hops. Finished with a refreshing sourness to give an elevated drinking experience. Fruity. Sour. Bitter.”
Available: TBA

Pineapple Tepache Berliner Weisse (5%) – “Refreshing and light, this Berliner Weisse incorporates the flavours of the traditional Mexican drink Tepache. Fresh pineapple rinds are paired with cinnamon and clove to create a fruity, spicy, lightly tart, perfect for the incoming cold weather.”
Available: TBA

IPA 7 (6.7%) – “Next up in our IPA series is a bright, New World hop characteristics of fresh crushed gooseberry and white grape. An IPA that showcases the unique qualities of New Zealand hops.”
Available: TBA


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