Posted August 13, 2018

Cool Beer Brewing joins buck-a-beer challenge

Toronto – Cool Beer Brewing Co. today announced they will join the Ford government’s Buck-a-Beer Challenge by beginning to sell their Cool Lager (5% abv) for $1.00.

“We’ve been brewing award-winning beers, and selling them at affordable prices for over 21 years,” says Bobby Crecouzos, Founder and CEO of Cool Brewery. “Selling beer for a buck isn’t about reducing quality, it’s about managing marketing and operational expenses.” Crecouzos adds, “We know the profit risks of selling beer for a buck, but it will help showcase our quality beer, compete against the low priced European beers entering the market, and help create more local jobs by creating more demand.”

“We would use the same quality ingredients no matter if we sold the beer for a buck or 3 bucks,” says evin Meens, Corporate Development Officer at Cool. “Breweries can spend anywhere from $8 – $13 per case to market and advertise their beer. We don’t price in, and pass on, heavy marketing costs to our customers,” he added.

Currently, Cool Beer has one of the lowest priced beers at the LCBO with their Stonewall Light retailing for $1.45 per 275ml bottle.

Buck-a-Beer pricing goes into effect on August 27, 2018.

Lead image via press release.

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