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Posted August 1, 2012

Craft Brewers Push Back on Corner Store Beer Sales

Via Torontoist:

A recent push to legalize beer and wine sales at convenience stores across the province has received support from thousands of Ontarians, and also from Tim Hudak and the Progressive Conservative party. But local independent brewers say a move like that could hurt craft beer sales, and that the biggest producers would end up dominating the market even more than they currently do.

The recent campaign to have beer sold in corner stores came in the form of an online petition started by a small-town convenience store owner and promoted by the Canadian Convenience Stores Association, mainly through the website The petition has attracted over 100,000 signatures.

But while the allure of buying booze along with smokes and lottery tickets—not to mention a popular distaste for monopolistic alcohol selling practices—might have some people crying for change, craft brewers in the province prefer the system the way it is.

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