Posted July 25, 2017

Creekside Estate Winery introduces Rood Apples cider

Jordan Station – Creekside Estate Winery has released their first cider – Rood Apples Cider – made from five apple varietals.

Explains Creekside, “Rood apples? The name must be a typo. Maybe they’re so Canadian they didn’t want to commit to calling their cider Rude? The fact is, Rood is Dutch for red. Red: because this cider is basically the love child of 5 different delicious red apples.

“But why Dutch? Creekside, where the cider is made, is in the village of Jordan Station, which was founded by the Pennsylvania Dutch. Long story short, they weren’t really Dutch. They were German. And the German word for red is rot. Rot Apples isn’t exactly mouth-watering. So, Dutch it is.”

Rood Apples Cider (5.5%) is a rich, full-bodied cider with great apple intensity and a hint of sweetness with complex aromas of fresh apple, straw and floral notes are complemented by a dry, crisp finish, according to cider maker, Yvonne Irvine.

Find it available starting Monday, July 31, 2017 at Creekside Estate Winery’s retail store in 500ml bottles or 1.89l growlers and at bars, pubs, and restaurants in Ontario.

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