Posted October 25, 2012

Creemore Springs spins off specialty Mad & Noisy brand

Mad & Noisy Brewing is the new spin-off specialty brand just launched by Creemore Springs.

Taking its name from intersecting rivers in the town of Creemore, ON, Mad River and Noisy River, the new brand will focus specifically on experimental, small-batch brewing.

Mad & Noisy’s initial offering is in the form of a India Pale Lager, described as a “a Czech twist on an English IPA”.

Called Hops & Bolts, 5 varieties of UK and West Coast hops and Czech yeast were utilized with a extensive lagering period.

With a limited run, Hops & Bolts will be available throughout Ontario on draught-only, and is already available at Jack Astors Bar & Grill locations.

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