Directory FAQ

How Ontario Beverage Network (OBN) discovers, collects, verifies, and maintains information contained on its Ontario Brewers Directory, Cideries Directory, and Distilleries Directory.

+ Where does OBN's data come from?
We use a multitude of resources to populate directories including: Alcohol and Gaming Comission of Ontario, Ontario Ministry of Finance, Corporations Canada, Ontario Craft Brewers, Ontario Craft Cider Association, Ontario Craft Distillers Association, social media, word-of-mouth.
+ How official are OBN's data and statistics?
OBN is an independent publication, not affiliated with any other organization, association, group, or company. We are generally considered the most up-to-date and accurate source of brewer, cidery, and distillery data in Ontario. Our data is collected and verified independently.
+ How accurate are OBN's directories?
We strive to ensure 100% accuracy. Our data is based off publicly available information which may be be inaccurate or out-of-date due to an rapidly changing landscape.
+ How often are OBN's directories updated?
Directories are updated multiple times per week with new additions or updates to meta data. A ‘Last Updated’ date is listed on each directory.
+ How can I tell when something new has been added to a directory?
We post a monthly collection of Directory Updates listing all new additions.
+ Why does OBN not list some breweries in Ontario?
OBN’s primary focus is to support small, independently-owned breweries.  For this reason, we’ve chosen to not include any brewery that has foreign ownership. Exceptions: Waterloo Brewing Co. owned by publicly-traded Brick Brewing Co. in Kitchener; Big Rock Brewery / Liberty Commons at Big Rock Brewery owned by publicly-traded Big Rock Brewery in Calgary, AB.

Due to their ownership, we are presently not covering: Labatt, MolsonCoors, Mill St. Brewery, Brickworks Cider House, Creemore Springs Brewery, BATCH, The 3 Brewers, Goose Island Brewpub, or any of their subsidiaries.

+ What is the difference between a contract brewer, brand and label?
A contract brewer is a company that holds it’s own Manufacturer’s Licence, whereas a brand or label is typically a product marketed by an existing brewery under a separate name. (ie. Halcyon Barrel House and B-Side Brewing Co. are brands of Beau’s Brewing Co / Midland Beer Works is a brand of Hockley Valley Brewing Co., etc.)
+ Notes regarding brewery's 'Opening Year'
The date given for operating bricks-and-mortar breweries is the year the brewery opened its physical location – if the brewery was formerly a Contract Brewery, the date listed is not the date it started as a Contract Brewery. ie. Kensington Brewery launched in 2011 but opened it’s phsyical brewery in 2017 – therefore 2017 will be listed.  


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