Posted April 16, 2018

Ernest Cider launches Wild Blueberry Cider this April

Aurora – Ernest Cider Co. has announced their newest cider offering – Wild Blueberry Cider – will launch this April at the LCBO and participating grocery stores.

(Image: Ernest Cider Co / Instagram)

Ernest’s Wild Blueberry Cider (5.9%) is fermented with Canadian wild blueberries and back-sweetened with blueberry honey and blueberry juice.

Michelle Faris, Co-Owner and Founder of Ernest Cider explains, “Growing up in northern Ontario, wild blueberries bring up great memories of my mom’s wild blueberry pie and that is what inspired this cider. We wanted to launch something unique and fresh to the cider market using local apples all the while experimenting with various types of local honey and home-grown flavours.”

“As always, Ernest Wild Blueberry is still considered a dry cider like our other Ernest products,” states Co-Owner, Founder and Cidermaker, Steve Faris. “Our ciders usually have about a half or a third less residual sweetness than most mass produced imported or domestic ciders.”

Find it starting April 29, 2018 in 473ml cans for $3.55 each.


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