Posted June 25, 2015

Flying Monkeys announces quad-collab Coast to Coastless Imperial ESB

monkeys-imperial-esbBarrie, ON – Flying Monkeys Craft Brewery today announced the release of its Canada Day collaborative Coast to Coastless Imperial ESB brewed in conjunction with Garrison Brewing in Nova Scotia, Microbrasserie Le Trou du Diable in Quebec, and Phillips Brewing in BC.

“A four brewery collaboration, or a ‘quad-­‐laboration’, Coast to Coastless Imperial ESB celebrates the spread of the Canadian Craft Beer Revolution from coast to coast-­‐-­‐and all of the provinces in between,” says Flying Monkeys.

“Craft Beer Drinkers are nothing if not adventurous, and this Imperial ESB with its hefty body full of biscuity and caramel malts edged with an earthy tea-­‐like hop character is robust enough to pay tribute to a powerful and burgeoning National Craft Beer Scene.”

The 7.6% ABV Coast to Coastless Imperial ESB launches in 750ml bottles at the end of July 2015 at LCBO stores, and will also be available in the nine other provinces.



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