Posted February 15, 2018

Folly Brewpub announces new ownership

Toronto – Folly Brewpub founders Michelle Genttner and Luís Martins said today they have passed on ownership of their brewpub.

Folly was originally known as Habits Gastropub, which was opened by Genttner and Martins in 2011. It has been operating under the Folly banner since September 2015.

Going forward, the brewpub will be operated by owners of Roxy on King and Watson’s; and managed by Fritz Wahl, who was recently onboarded.

“Fritz has worked closely with Michelle and Luís to ensure that the integrity of the brand continues well beyond this transition,” says the announcement. “The entire motivation is to continue running and expanding Folly with the quality and warmth that customers expect and deserve.”

John Jenkinson, who replaced original brewers Christina Coady and Chris Conway, will remain as head brewer.

Genttner and Martins did not announce future plans or ventures, but expressed, “our most sincere gratitude to everyone that made our time at Habits and Folly memorable, and we are excited to share our upcoming plans once they are more concrete.”

Folly Brewpub, which has been closed this week, reopens Friday February 16, 2018 at 4pm.


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