Posted March 17, 2013

Full of Copper, Zinc and Douglas fir, The Beer Hall opens in May

mill-st-beer-hall-logoAs reported in early March, Mill St. Brewery is in the process of launching The Beer Hall, a Distillery District beer hall concept in Toronto.

The Beer Hall will employ a draught beer delivery system pumping beer from the neighbouring brewpub through copper-encased lines. The same system will also feed a copper still used to distill bierschnapps, a 150-year old traditional German-style dry spirit.

“We wanted to celebrate the tradition of beer halls with communal seating and lively atmosphere, but in a modern, almost ironic way. You won’t see any lederhosen. The Beer Hall will be zinc countertops and douglas fir ceilings,” says Steve Abrams, co-founder of Mill Street Brewery. “Every function of the space is on display, from the open kitchen, to the beautiful copper still and beer lines from the brewery. It’s all about showcasing our process and enjoying what craft brewing can be. Great beer, food and a fun experience.”

Mill St. also indicated that The Beer Hall will, “feature a spectacular 100 foot courtyard patio. The wood and glass covered patio will include an outdoor bar connected to the draught beer delivery system. A floor to ceiling sliding glass door system will transform the Beer Hall when opened to the lovely patio.”

Joel Manning, Mill St.’s Brewmaster, will reportedly introduce three new beers to celebrate the opening.

A grand opening party is set for Thursday, May 23.

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