Posted August 25, 2012

Going to beer school: The view from the brewery floor at Beau’s All Natural

Via the National Post:

At the other end of the spectrum from beer school is the real world of the brewery shop floor itself. And with craft brewers in Ontario experiencing massive growth in the last few years, that means shortages of skilled brewhouse labour for many outfits. Enter: The brewmaster intern. Certainly for Beau’s All Natural in Van Kleek, Ont., who will be launching a holiday mixer of four of their favourite seasonals into the LCBO in November, having extra hands on deck to ensure they can meet demand and maintain quality in their products  is essential. How does the Niagara College brewmaster and brewery management program fit into the equation? The Boss (Beau’s Steve Beauchesne and the Intern (Niagara College student Kellye Robertson) help explain.

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