Posted August 3, 2012

Growler Gear – Summer 2012

Our summer 2012 edition of the Growler Gear Guide –  our guide to the best accessories for the beer growler.

Growler Crate

This growler crate from Montana’s Merriweather Feild Gear is made from laminated western red cedar and is finished with hand rubbed boiled linseed oil, and holds two growlers.
$35 USD from Merriweather Field Gear


The “two-seater”, by Seattle’s GrowlerCrate, features acacia wood constructions and two side handles, with a middle seperator. Keep an eye out for 4- and 6- capacity units coming soon.
$40 USD from GrowlerCrate

Growler Tote

The Growler Tote from Burlap Shack Creations in Indiana is constructed with knotty pine board and finished with a natural tung oil varnish.
$45 USD from Burlap Shack Creations

Growler Cozy

Insulate your jug in style with this growler cozy. Advertised to keep beer cold in transit and absorb condensation.
$4.50 USD from Woolflower Boutique

Bike StrapDown

Sure to be a hit with Toronto’s Queen West crowd, the Bike StrapDown, available in brown or black, hauls a growler on the back of your bike.
$38 USD from Walnut Studio

Growler Stand

This growler stand, crafted from curly maple, not only supports your growler but includes a spigot for easy dispensing from a height designed for a pint glass.
$60 USD from Growler Solutions


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