Posted September 8, 2015

GTA Brews launches Brew Slam national homebrew competition

Toronto, ON – GTA Brews today announced the launch of its annual homebrew competition – Brew Slam 2015.

An AHA and BJCP-sanctioned competition, GTA Brew Slam is listed as a competition on the Brewer of the Year circuit, a nationwide set of competitions that count towards the coveted title, Canadian Brewer of the Year.

Registration is open now for participants, judges, and stewards.

Entries for the Brews Slam will be accepted at the shipping and drop off locations beginning September 1, 2015, the same day that the entry system will start accepting entry registrations.

The entry deadline for all entries to arrive at the shipping and drop off locations is end of business day on September 25 2015. Each entry consists of two bottles, 12oz (355ml) brown bottles. Bottles should be free of any brewery paper labels and identifying markings.

Entries within all BJCP beer categories will be accepted. The top entries in each category will receive a medal as well as points towards the Brewer of the Year circuit.

For full entry details, visit here.

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