Posted February 18, 2013

Hop growing workshop scheduled for March with Ontario Hop Growers’ Association

ohga-hopsThe Ontario Hop Growers’ Association will host an advanced-level hop growing workshop on Saturday, March 9 from 9am-5pm at Cool Beer Brewing Co. in Etobicoke, hosted bv agronomist Julien Venne, MSc. Attendees should posses a working knowledge of hops and their production.

The $85 all-day workshop includes the following agenda:

1. Selection of hops varieties
(Special attention to: yield potential, disease resistance and market demand)

2. Physiology and plant development: differ- ences among varieties
(Special attention on: leaf pattern and colour, vigor, disease resistance, past yield, response to climate, etc.)

3. Calendar of field works
(Special attention on: pruning techniques and dates, timing of training for different varieties, defoliation, trimming at the base of the plants, weeding, etc.)

4. Fertilization, inputs and water need in hops (Special attention to: soil sampling and

interpretation of soil analysis, fertilization dates, deficiency symptoms, etc.)

5. Pest and disease found on hops & scouting in a hop yard
(Special attention to: timing, examples, tools used, threshold numbers, references, etc.)

6. The phytosanitary products available in Canada for the control of pests and diseases in hops
(Special attention to: pros and cons of various products, the timing of product application, combining pesticide use with cultural practices, etc.)

7. Harvest mechanization adapted for small- scale productions
(Special attention to: WOLF picker and hand- made semi-mechanized harvesters)

8. Drying and condition cones
(Special attention to: different models for drying

hops in small-scale production, pros and cons of different methods to analyze moisture content, practical tips for drying and conditioning, underlying and explaining importance of conditioning etc.)

9. Budget of a 3-hectare hop yard: an economical case study
(Special attention to: establishment costs, annual variable and fixed costs, annual revenues, etc.)

10. Hops commercialization
(Special attention to: quality assessment, brewer’s needs, hops products, etc.)

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