Posted October 9, 2018

Lake of the Woods Brewing to open Minnesota brewery

Kenora – Lake of the Woods Brewing Co. today announced they are expanding to Warround, Minnesota in the United States with a new brewery set to open in Spring 2019.

First opened in June 2013, Lake of the Woods Brewing has begun construction at 112 Main Avenue Northeast in downtown Warroad inside the town’s old fire hall – about 220+km from the Kenora brewery. It will be Minnesota’s northernmost brewery.

“We want to service the lake and the lake is touched and surrounded by Minnesota, Manitoba and Ontario,” says Taras Manzie, President & CEO. “That’s sort of our wheelhouse. That’s our backyard. That’s where we’ll play and operate and work to develop communities.”

“We are so excited to be bringing the Lake of the Woods Brewing Company history, brand and quality craft beer to Minnesota,” adds Eric Nerland, President of the new US division.

Lake of the Woods occupies parts of the Canadian provinces of Ontario and Manitoba and the U.S. state of Minnesota. The lake is over 110km long and wide, and contains more than 14,522 islands and 105,000 km of shoreline.

Numerous Ontario craft brewers are now exporting beer to the United States, but Lake of the Woods Brewing is the first to build a brewery.


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