Posted May 2, 2016

LCBO achieves 68 percent reduction in energy

Toronto – The LCBO today announced it has achieved a 68% reduction in energy usage across its network of 654 retails stores, 5 distribution centres, and offices.

The reduce is a result of numerous new energy-saving measures including new free-cooling cold rooms, switchover to LED lighting, addition of cooler doors plus other retrofits and green technology.

In fiscal 2014-15, LCBO exceeded this goal with an 11 per cent reduction in four years, according to its announcement.

“Our goal, in partnership with our internal clients, is to further reduce electrical consumption across the organization by at least one per cent per year, and in 2015-16 we actually reduced consumption by five per cent,” says the LCBO environment team. “For 2016-17, the team is focused on continuing to replace HVAC systems, installing cooler doors, using special LED lamps and piloting new opportunities.”



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