Posted March 19, 2015

Left Field Brewery to release Bricks & Mortar Coffee Porter

Toronto, ON – Newly opened Left Field Brewery has announced its newest release – Bricks & Mortar Coffee Porter – in conjunction with its neighbouring roastery Pilot Coffee Roasters.

“It was this experience, along with our building’s original use as a brick factory that inspired our first non-baseball beer name, Bricks & Mortar Coffee Porter. It’s a brew that symbolizes an important new beginning for us as a company, a brewery and a neighbour,” exclaims Left Field.

At its base is the Kenya Kii bean. A bright and juicy coffee with complex citrus, tropical and grape flavours. Whole beans were added directly to the tank during cold conditioning for just less than two days, to avoid harsh bitterness that would have occurred if boiled.

The 6% ABV, 40 IBU Porter delivers a complex blend of chocolate, toffee and anise balanced with juicy raspberry, lime, tropical fruit and grape flavours and aromas, according to Left Field.

Bricks & Mortar Coffee Porter launches in 750ml swing-top bottles at Left Field’s next retail pop-up shop on Friday March 20 from 5-9 pm and Saturday, March 21 from 1-9.


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