Posted December 22, 2015

Little-known LCBO tip transfers beer from other stores

Toronto – A little-known LCBO process called an inter-store transfer can net you beer, cider or even spirits otherwise unavailable in your area of the province.

Living in Eastern Ontario and want to try The Hamilton Brewery’s Blue Collar Pale Ale? Right now it’s only available in Hamilton-area LCBOs.  Royal City Brewing’s Smoked Honey Ale is only available in Guelph-Kitchener area stores.  Sudbury’s Stack Brewing has their Saturday Night Cream Ale primarily in Northern Ontario along with 360 Pale Ale from Thunder Bay’s Sleeping Giant Brewing.

“You can request an inter-store transfer from any staff member, the decision to make the transfer is up to the store manager,” says the LCBO.

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You may be asked to commit to purchasing a case, but when the product does come in, you can simply check-out with your desired amount, say insiders.

If denied, for whatever reason, by the manager, ask them to escalate to the location’s regional manager or call LCBO customer service for more help: 1-800-668-5226



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