Brew Culture Inc.

Brew Culture Inc.
Business Name: Brew Culture Inc.
Specialty: Hops, Yeast, Cleaning Chemicals, Brewing Aids, Hoses, and Fittings
Description: At Brew Culture we’re passionate about craft beer and the community within the industry. Craft brewing in its purest form is defined by the creativity and imagination of its brewers. From our locations in Muskoka, ON and Vancouver, BC we aim to supply those brewers with the highest quality hops, direct from out partner growers around the globe. As the exclusive Canadian distributor of White Labs Pure Yeast & Fermentation, we stock and warehouse your favourite liquid yeast strains, enzymes and nutrients domestically giving brewers dramatic savings on shipping and eliminating customs delays. We also distribute industry specific brewing aids, cleaning solutions, and equipment to breweries, cideries, distilleries & wineries across Canada and the United States. All together we offer the brewing ingredients and products needed so brewers can explore their creative minds in the beers they so artfully create.
Contact Name: Daniel Collins
Phone: 877-889-2739
Web site:
Address: 18 Armstrong St.
Bracebridge, ON P1L 1C1

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