Zenan Glass

Zenan Glass
Business Name: Zenan Glass
Specialty: Bringing the best in the world of glassware
Description: Zenan Glass stands alone when it comes to glassware decorators as the largest decorator in Canada and Top 5 in North America. In operation since 1990, Zenan has been featured as a Profit Top 100 Fastest Growing Company for 8 consecutive years. Zenan Glass brands over 12 million units per year, over 1,000,000 units per month in our facilities which specialize in beer, spirits, wine glasses and accessories for the food and beverage industry. This experience has made Zenan the chosen glassware decorator for some of the largest beer, liquor and wine brands in Canada and North America.
Contact Name: Mark Edwards
Email: info@zenan.ca
Phone: 416-875-0997
Web site: zenan.ca
Address: 430 Flint Road
North York, ON M3J 2J4

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