A directory of manufacturers, suppliers, and professional services for Canada’s beverage industry.

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Production Equipment
     Brewhouses, tanks, chillers, boilers, filters, barrels, stills, instruments...
Burkert Contromatic Inc.
Specialty: We make ideas flow
Description: Burkert Fluid Control Systems is a global system solution provider with expertise in automation and brewery process control. We offer complete control loops for flow, conductivity, pH, temperature, pressure or level. Where compactness, smart communication, plant footprint, wash-down and reliability are a concern we provide process efficiency and higher yields by offering you unlimited process modularity.
Contact Name: Bryan Frid
Email: bryan.frid@burkert.com
Phone: 905-979-3033
Web site: burkert.com
Criveller Group
Specialty: Brewhouses, Tanks, Distillation equipment, Cider processing equipment, Filtration, Bottling and Canning
Description: Criveller has over 35 years of experience in manufacturing turn-key custom brewing systems, packaging lines and filtration equipment. Our brewhouses are completely manufactured in Niagara Falls, ON. We pride ourselves on manufacturing a custom system tailored to the needs of every individual customer, providing installation, brewing techniques and full service. We also provide a full range of distillation equipment including custom stills as well as cider processing equipment and custom tanks.
Contact Name: Vince Zitano
Email: vzitano@criveller.com
Phone: 289-241-4055
Web site: criveller.com
Specialty: Oak Barrels
Description: DRM.reCoop is the first and only mechanized oak barrel re-cooperage service in the Niagara region. Our system allows wineries, distilleries, cideries or craft brewers to maximize their investment in oak barrels while providing an excellent return on investment from re-coopering or re-charring. We offer a sustainable process that allows you to reuse your neutral oak barrels without having to buy new. We regularly have used rum, bourbon, brandy & whiskey barrels onsite ready to fill.
Contact Name: Damien Matthews
Email: drm@drmrecoop.com
Phone: 905-380-4526
Web site: drmrecoop.com
FabWeld Stainless
Specialty: On-site or In-shop Sanitary Welding and Fabrication
Description: FabWeld Stainless is your reliable sanitary welding service, experienced in fabricating, modifying and repairing industry equipment. We provide both mobile or In-shop services.
Visit our website to see products for sale, entirely custom to suit your needs, or get in touch to discuss new ideas you would like to make reality! The possibilities are endless.

Stand out from the crowd.
Increase productivity.
Boost your bottom line.

Craft beer is distinct because of the creativity you put into your product. Don't let your equipment limit your imagination!
Contact us for a consultation
Contact Name: Ryan Persaud
Email: info@fabweldstainless.com
Phone: 416-835-0191
Georg Fischer Piping Systems
Specialty: COOL-FIT Plus - Pre-insulated Glycol Piping
Description: At Georg Fischer our COOL-FIT Plus pre-insulated plastic piping system is designed with brewery glycol systems in mind. Georg Fischer is a 215 year old company and has been manufacturing plastic pipe, valves and fittings for over 55 years. COOL-FIT Plus is a 3 in 1 piping system, is corrosion and maintenance free and will completely eliminate condensation and mold build up on your cooling system.

COOL-FIT Plus is rated to -50C and is 4 times stronger than PVC and has a 100% UV resistant outer jacket. The simple solvent cementing installation procedure is easy, quick and a time tested method of installation. The smooth inner surface of the media piping ensures very low pressure losses; the low thermal conductivity of the plastic and insulation are guarantees for low energy and operating costs.
Contact Name: Shahbaz Dhillon / Soumik Chowdhury
Email: shahbaz.dhillon@georgfischer.com / soumik.chowdhury@georgfischer.com
Phone: 416-786-3353 / 416-801-3181
Web site: gfpiping.ca
Pro Chiller Systems, Inc.
Specialty: Chiller Systems
Description: Manufacturer of Glycol Chiller Systems
Contact Name: Damon Reed
Email: sales@prorefrigeration.com
Phone: 253-735-9466
Web site: prochiller.com
Schmalz Vacuum Technology Ltd.
Specialty: Ergonomic Vacuum Lifters for Kegs, Cases, Sacks and Pails
Description: You brew it, we move it. Schmalz is the global market leader in vacuum automation and ergonomic handling solutions. We offer a wide variety of lifting products to meet your material handling needs in a brewery environment. We lift bags, bottles, boxes, cases and kegs. Schmalz products are used all over the world in applications in the logistics, glass, metal, automotive, packaging, and wood industry sectors.. The wide range of products in the Vacuum Automation unit includes individual components such as suction cups and vacuum generators. Our Handling Systems unit offers innovative handling solutions with vacuum lifters and crane systems.
Contact Name: Ian Warden
Email: schmalz@schmalz.ca
Phone: 905-569-9520
Web site: schmalz.com
Short Finger Brewing Co.
Specialty: Homebrew Supply, Beer Education, Nanobrewery with custom built equipment for breweries and homebrewers.
Description: Short Finger Brewing Co. is a small independently run homebrew supply store that is totally DIY focused. We offer a wide range of equipment and raw ingredients but specialize in custom brewing equipment for breweries and homebrewers. A large focus of the shop is on education. We offer regular learn to brew classes as well as a wide variety of sensory training. Every month we host our Homebrew Hangout that has an educational topic and often a beer to be served with it.
Farmhouse and Sour Barrel Aged Brewery TBA 2018.

Life is Short. Homebrew.
Contact Name: Rob Hern
Email: rob@shortfingerbrewing.com
Phone: 226-647-7322

Packaging & Dispensing
     Kegs, bottles, cans, fillers, labeling, washers, casks, draught systems, tap handles...
Jenrey Ltd.
Specialty: Kegs, keg filler, mechanical serivice and consulting
Description: Specialize in:
- One Way kegs
- manufacturing of kegs fillers
- sales and service of bottle filler
- mechanical service for bottle fillers and can fillers
- general consulting for production lines
Contact Name: Andres Jensen
Email: ajensen@jenrey.ca
Phone: 416-845-4640
Web site: jenrey.ca
Wild Goose Canning – Meheen Manufacturing
Specialty: Canning Systems, Bottling Systems
Description: Wild Goose Canning – Meheen Manufacturing designs, engineers and manufactures world-class beverage canning and bottling solutions for premium craft producers who demand quality without compromise. Each precision Wild Goose – Meheen system is expertly crafted to customer specifications to ensure the quality and consistency of every batch from tank to can or bottle.
Contact Name: Andrew Ferguson
Email: sales@wildgoose-meheen.com
Phone: 720-406-7442

Glassware, Barware & Merchandise
     glasses, growlers, apparel, swag, accessories...
Dominion & Grimm Inc.
Specialty: Wine Bottles, Liquor bottles, Specialty Beer Bottles, Caps, Capsules
Description: 3 generation family operated business that sell specialty glass wine bottles, liquor bottles, specialty beer bottles, plastic and metal caps, growler bottles, heat shrink capsules. Give us a call today for more information! 1-877-676-1914
Heather, Lynn, Jenny, Nicole, Cheryl and Kelly are here to help you out!
Contact Name: Heather Clark
Email: info@dominiongrimm.ca
Phone: 877-676-1914
Stanpac Ink
Specialty: Screen Printing
Description: Tattoo Your Bottles - Screen Printing that will provide consumers with a "Distinctive Package".
Printing directly on the bottle overcomes labeling issues and will offer a premium look for your brand.
Contact Name: Gord McLeish
Email: gordm@stanpacnet.com
Phone: 905-296-0924
Web site: stanpacnet.com
Zenan Glass
Specialty: Bringing the best in the world of glassware
Description: Zenan Glass stands alone when it comes to glassware decorators as the largest decorator in Canada and Top 5 in North America. In operation since 1990, Zenan has been featured as a Profit Top 100 Fastest Growing Company for 8 consecutive years. Zenan Glass brands over 12 million units per year, over 1,000,000 units per month in our facilities which specialize in beer, spirits, wine glasses and accessories for the food and beverage industry. This experience has made Zenan the chosen glassware decorator for some of the largest beer, liquor and wine brands in Canada and North America.
Contact Name: Mark Edwards
Email: info@zenan.ca
Phone: 416-875-0997
Web site: zenan.ca

Ingredients & Supplies
     Malt, hops, yeast, adjuncts, chemicals, cleaners, tools, parts...
Brew Culture Inc.
Specialty: Hops, Yeast, Cleaning Chemicals, Brewing Aids, Hoses, and Fittings
Description: At Brew Culture we're passionate about craft beer and the community within the industry. Craft brewing in its purest form is defined by the creativity and imagination of its brewers. From our locations in Muskoka, ON and Vancouver, BC we aim to supply those brewers with the highest quality hops, direct from out partner growers around the globe. As the exclusive Canadian distributor of White Labs Pure Yeast & Fermentation, we stock and warehouse your favourite liquid yeast strains, enzymes and nutrients domestically giving brewers dramatic savings on shipping and eliminating customs delays. We also distribute industry specific brewing aids, cleaning solutions, and equipment to breweries, cideries, distilleries & wineries across Canada and the United States. All together we offer the brewing ingredients and products needed so brewers can explore their creative minds in the beers they so artfully create.
Contact Name: Daniel Collins
Email: info@brewculture.com
Phone: 877-889-2739
Web site: brewculture.com

Marketing & Branding
     Graphics, logos, web design, illustration, strategy, promo, social media, pr...
Brett Lair – Strategic Design & Branding
Specialty: Strategic design & branding for people who dream big!
Description: I’m Brett Lair, an experienced, professional graphic designer specializing in creating strong identities, making products stand out, and building brands from the ground up. It doesn't matter if you're building your brewery or already established, I'll help grow your business through thoughtful, strategic design and branding.

• Logos
• Branding
• Packaging
• Websites
• Merch & marketing materials
• Stationery & collateral
Contact Name: Brett Lair
Email: hello@brettlair.ca
Web site: brettlair.ca

Professional Services & Trades
     Distribution, insurance, law, financing, staffing, printing, Electrical, plumbing, HVAC, metalwork,
Brewers Distributor Ltd.
Specialty: We provide quality, cost-effective distribution and container return service; beer bottles, beer cans, beer kegs, empty beer containers (returnables, refillables, recyclable)
Description: BDL is a private joint venture company owned by Labatt Breweries of Canada and Molson Breweries for the wholesale distribution of beer and the collection of returnable, refillable and recyclable beer containers within the four Western Canadian Provinces, as well as Northwest Territories and the Yukon.
Contact Name: Bill Walker, Midtown PR
Email: bill@midtown.com
Phone: 416-624-3936
Web site: bdl.ca
Carefoote Beverage Solutions
Specialty: Georg Fischer, Pro Chiller, Fulton, Rigging, Tanks, Brewhouse, Air compressor, Piping, Welding, Packaging Lines
Description: Sales, install and service of equipment related to the beverage world. We work with a number of suppliers to offer you turn key solutions for your new build, as well as on going support for existing customers.
Contact Name: Rob Carefoote
Email: rob@carefootebs.com
Phone: 705-816-5444
Web site: carefootebs.com
The Beer Store
Specialty: Champions of Beer Love Every Day – beer bottles,beer cans,beer kegs,related products, bagged ice, non-alcoholic beer, empty beer, wine and spirit containers, environmentally responsible
Description: The Beer Store is a retail and distribution company responsibly offering an expansive selection of over 860 global brands of beer from 195 Brewers to over 13 million legal aged Ontario Beer Lovers through a retail network of 450 stores and by distribution to over 20,700 licensees.
Contact Name: Bill Walker, Midtown PR
Email: bill@midtownpr.com
Phone: 416-624-3936
Web site: thebeerstore.ca

Professional Consulting
     Planning, design, sourcing, expansion, taxes, grants...
First Key Consulting
Specialty: New Breweries, Engineering Services, Quality & Process Optimization, Product Innovation, Financial Services, Commercial Services, Supply Chain, Human Resources, Agribusiness
Description: Consultants to the brewing industry for over 30 years. We work with brewery leaders on their most critical issues and opportunities:

- New Breweries and Expansions
- Engineering Services
- Quality and Process Optimization
- Product Innovation
- Financial Services
- Commercial Services
- Supply Chain
- Human Resources
- Agribusiness

To learn more about First Key including our client list, testimonials and sample projects, please visit our website. (www.firstkey.com)
Contact Name: Chris Clarke
Email: chris.clarke@firstkey.com
Phone: 604-273-8884
Web site: firstkey.com

Tourism & Events
     Event Planners, tours, guides...
Drink Inc Events
Specialty: Events
Description: Drink Inc Events owns, operates, and has been a part of many major events across Canada. We have a broad spectrum of event experience built from Concerts and Music Events, Consumer Shows and Festivals, Sporting Events, Charitable Events, and Corporate Events. Much of Drink Inc’s success is built on knowing the consumer market and understanding our partners’ needs. As founder of the Toronto Wine & Spirit Festival and co-founder of Toronto’s Festival of Beer, we have operated consumer shows and festivals in markets across Canada in the Alcohol category for almost two decades.
Contact Name: Scott Rondeau
Email: info@drinkinc.ca
Phone: 416-406-1226
Web site: drinkinc.ca

Contract Brewing
     Large-scale, small-scale, dedicated capacity, recipe development, co-packaging...
No listings found.

Contract Distilling
     Large-scale, small-scale, dedicated capacity, recipe development, co-packaging...
No listings found.

Education & Training
     In-class, Diploma progarms, certificate programs, self-study, tutored tasting...
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