A directory of manufacturers, suppliers, and professional services for Canada’s beverage industry.

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Production Equipment
     Brewhouses, tanks, chillers, boilers, filters, barrels, stills, instruments...
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Packaging & Dispensing
     Kegs, bottles, cans, fillers, labeling, washers, casks, draught systems, tap handles...
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Glassware, Barware & Merchandise
     glasses, growlers, apparel, swag, accessories...
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Ingredients & Supplies
     Malt, hops, yeast, adjuncts, chemicals, cleaners, tools, parts...
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Marketing & Branding
     Graphics, logos, web design, illustration, strategy, promo, social media, pr...
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Professional Services & Trades
     Distribution, insurance, law, financing, staffing, printing, Electrical, plumbing, HVAC, metalwork,
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Professional Consulting
     Planning, design, sourcing, expansion, taxes, grants...
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Tourism & Events
     Event Planners, tours, guides...
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Contract Brewing
     Large-scale, small-scale, dedicated capacity, recipe development, co-packaging...
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Contract Distilling
     Large-scale, small-scale, dedicated capacity, recipe development, co-packaging...
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Education & Training
     In-class, Diploma progarms, certificate programs, self-study, tutored tasting...
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