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  • Highly-targeted: 92% of our audience lives in Ontario (followed by 3.8% in QC and 1.6% in BC)
  • Weekly ad performance reports
  • Run multiple ads concurrently
  • Tailor ad campaigns to specific budget
  • Ads are served and tracked by a fully featured ad system (Revive Ad Server)
  • Please note: for new advertising partners, OBN requests payment prior to starting a campaign.
Display Ads: Leaderboard
Ad Impressions:25,00050,000100,000150,000200,000250,000
(Save $10)
(Save $20)
(Save $30)
(Save $40)
(Cost/Rate Per 1000 impressions)
Ad Dimensions:630×80 px


Display Ads: Sidebar
Ad Impressions:25,00050,000100,000150,000200,000250,000
(Save $10)
(Save $20)
(Save $30)
(Save $40)
(Cost/Rate Per 1000 impressions)
Ad Dimensions: 300×250 px


Quarterly Mailing List
For Industry & Suppliers – Reach the inbox of nearly 2,400 verified brewery, cidery, distillery and beverage professionals and decision makers through OBN’s Quaterly Beverage Update, emailed at the end of every quarter. Email dates are: April 1, July 1, October 1, and January 1.
No. of Mailings:1 Quarter2 Quarters3 Quarters4 Quarters
Price:$500 $990
(Save $10)
(Save $20)
(Save $30)
Ad Dimensions:300×250 px


OBN MarketCentre Listing
The OBN MarketCentre is Canada’s comprehensive suppliers and services directory for the brewing, distilling, cider-making industries.
Listing Duration:1 Year2 Years
Price $199$350
(Save $50)
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Custom packages and pricing are available upon request.


What’s an ‘Ad Impression’?

An ad impression is the number of times your advertisement is fully loaded on OBN for readers to see.

What’s a ‘CPM/RPM’?*

CPM or Cost Per Mille is a long-standing unit of cost measurement in Web advertising. It means the cost per one thousand ad impressions. E.g. 50,000 ad impressions for a cost of $250 has a CPM of $5.00 – therefore, the advertiser is paying $5.00 for 1000 ad impressions.

How are my ad impressions guaranteed?

Our ad system tracks and monitors your exact ad impression amount and runs until that quota is fully used.

What ad manager do you use?

Revive Ad Server

How long will my ad run?

Your advertisement will display until it has loaded all the impressions  purchased. Depending on daily site traffic and other rotating advertisements in the same ad zone, it’s difficult to estimate the exact duration.

Can I run animated ads?


Can I change my ad artwork at any time?


Can I run multiple ads at the same time?


Do you have ad performance reports?

Yes! Our ad manager generates these reports. They can be provided at any time or scheduled weekly.

What is a good CTR / Click-Through-Ratio?

A click-through-ratio (CTR) is the amount of impressions compared to the number of ad clicks.

In general, a healthy CTR is anywhere between 0.2-0.25% (Outbrain, 2017)

Ad Tips:

When creating an advertisement image, consider showing as much information about your product, service, event, etc., as possible – Even if a reader doesn’t click on your ad, they can still see and retain all the pertinent information. E.g. An ad for a beer festival might show the location, address, date, and time – or – an ad for a new beer release might include the availability date, the IBUs, ABV, style, and where it can be purchased.

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