Posted April 7, 2017

New Steam Whistle director appointed to Beer Store board

Toronto – The Ontario Craft Brewers announced today that Bromlyn Bethune, Director of Sales & Marketing at Steam Whistle Brewery, has been appointed to the Beer Store’s board of directors.

Implemented March 4, 2016, the Beer Store’s new board of directors structure consists of fifteen members, including four independent directors:

  • Marcelo Abud (President, Labatt Canada)
  • Charlie Angelakos (Chair / VP, Legal and Corporate Affairs, Labatt Canada)
  • Robert Aziz (Independent)
  • Bromlyn Bethune (Steam Whistle Brewery / Ontario small brewers)
  • David Bigioni (VP, Molson Coors Canada)
  • Kelly Brown (Chief Legal & Corporate Affairs Officer, Molson Coors Canada)
  • George Croft (Presisent & CEO, Brick Brewing Co.)
  • Agostino De Gasperis (VP, Strategy & Partnerships, Labatt Canada)
  • Jan Faryaszewski (CFO, Molson Coors Canada)
  • Kristine Freudenthaler (Independent)
  • Frederic Landtmeters (President & CEO, Molson Coors Canada
  • Ignacio Lares (CFO, Labatt Canada)
  • Tom Muir (Independent)
  • Greg Newbrough (VP, Sales & Marketing, Sleeman
  • Tim Penner (Independent)

Bethune replaces outgoing Frank Heaps of Steam Whistle, who was appointed to the board as the representative of Ontario-based brewer-owners previously in 2016.

“I am honoured with the opportunity to represent the Ontario Craft Brewers in a competitive channel and flourishing industry. It’s a very exciting time for Canadian craft brewers who continue to evolve, alongside a growing consumer demand for better, fresher, local craft beer,” says Bethune.

In September 2015, the government of Ontario announced a new framework agreement which included a comprehensive new governance model at the Beer Store, bringing it closer to its roots, where all brewers in Ontario benefit equally from the system.

Bethune, who joined Steam Whistle initially in 2005, adds, “Since then, we have seen a marked improvement in craft brewers’ access to the system and a willingness on the part of the board to work together on ideas for growth.”

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