Posted February 11, 2013

Newly approved fungicide combats downy mildew for Ontario hop farmers

hops1The Ontario Hop Growers Association has communicated a new fungicide, ZAMPRO developed by BASF, has been approved in Canada to control downy mildew and late blight across a spectrum of crops and crop groups including hops.

ZAMPRO contains the active ingredients Ametoctradin, the first Group 45 fungicide registered anywhere in the world and dimethomorph.  Ametoctradin controls downy mildew and late blight by disrupting energy production inside the fungal cells. Interestingly, although Ametoctradin is very rapidly rainfast, it can redistribute on the plant surface when exposed to rainfall, irrigation or dew, effectively re-protecting the plant.

Dimethomorph, a Group 40 fungicide, adds systemic and translaminar control in the crop. It controls infection by preventing the disease from penetrating plant cells. The dimethomorph component of ZAMPRO is also an anti-sporulant, allowing ZAMPRO to stop the spread of disease from hot spots that may develop in the field or vineyard.

Approval for ZAMPRO was issued by Health Canada in January.


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