Posted May 11, 2016

Niagara College unveils new Distilling Program

Niagara-on-the-Lake – Niagara College today announced it will launch a new one-year Aristan Distilling program in Fall 2017.

The new 2,000-square-foot teaching distillery will become part of the existing Wine Visitor + Education Centre at the Niagara-on-the-Lake Campus. Construction is scheduled to begin this summer and expected to be completed by the end of 2016, according to Niagara College.

Up to 20 students will be accepted into the program, designed to suit anyone with an interest in distillation who has already completed an Ontario diploma or degree.

“The launch of Niagara College’s distilling program is tremendous news for our nascent industry,” said Charles Benoit, president of the Ontario Craft Distillers Association. “With few peers anywhere, I expect the school will contribute mightily to making Ontario a global leader in distilling excellence, as well as a foundation for our local community to collaborate and grow. I look forward to all the wonderful times ahead.”

“One of the greatest challenges of craft distilling has been the lack of educational resources for the modern distiller. This emerging industry has been desperately searching for somewhere to turn and I believe the new program from Niagara College will quickly become that place,” said Geoff Dillon of Dillon’s Small Batch Distillery. “We are at the beginning of a great growth period in craft distilling that doesn’t show any signs of slowing. The industry needs direction, and after seeing what the Niagara College team has accomplished with their wine and beer programs, I am confident the distilling program will be one that will make the distilling world proud.”

The new distilling program joins Niagara College’s established Teaching Brewery, Teaching Cidery, and Teaching Winery.

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