Posted January 22, 2018

Nickel Brook announces all 12 Funk Lab beers for 2018

Burlington – Nickel Brook Brewing today detail their 12-month release schedule in their Funk Lab Series running February 2018 to January 2019.

“We had some of our most exciting and experimental releases last year, and we’re excited to try even more fun stuff this year. It’s going to be a good year for sour beer lovers,” says the brewery.

Each release, outlined below, will be available the first Saturday of each month through the brewery or Nickel Brook’s new online beer shop.

February – The Pineapple Incident – Pineapple Dry-Hopped Gose
March – Soursop & Tangerine Uber Berlinerweisse
April – Only Nerds Would Known – Sour Hopfenweisse
May – In a Galaxy Far, Far Away – Sour IPA
June – Permutation No. 1 – Barrel Sour
July – Crop Circles – Sour Saison w Spices
August – Plum Uber Berlinerweisse
September – Permutation No. 2 – Barrel Sour
October – Florida Forensics – Blood Orange Table Beer
November – Bastardized: Tangerines – Fruited Stout
December – Permutation No. 3 – Barrel Sour
January 2019 – Kon-Tiki Bastard – Coconut and Cacao Nib Kentucky Bastard


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