Posted April 10, 2017

Northern Maverick announces Fake News Ale launch

Toronto – Northern Maverick Brewing Co. today announced the upcoming release of its Fake News Ale – the first in a line of charitable beers the Toronto brewpub plans to launch at opening this Summer 2017.

Five percent of every Fake News Ale can sold, which features a caricature of US President Donald Trump, will be donated to “a cause to help reverse a questionable policy”.

“The sessions-able ale was developed to offer a respite from the bleak political developments of late, an easy-drinking beer that lends itself to long discussions over world events with friends,” says the announcement. “With tongue firmly in cheek, the beer was found to pair well with small hands, striking comb overs, huge egos and all things Mexican.”

Northern Maverick Brewing Co., under construction at 115 Bathurs St, will feature a 10 hectolitre brewhouse, eight 20hl fermenters, a 400-seat restaurant, a bar, and a retail store.


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