Ontario Brewers Merchandise Partnership- Overview


Mom’ n Hops Ontario in conjunction with Toronto Brewing Co. are proud to introduce the Ontario Brewers Merchandise Partnership – a new consignment-based retail system that increases accessibility of Brewery Merchandise in Ontario.

Who’s in?

✓ Ontario Craft Brewers
✓ Beau’s
✓ Black Oak
✓ Cassel
✓ Church-Key
✓ Denison’s
✓ Descendents
✓ F&M
✓ Flying Monkeys
✓ Highlander
✓ Hogtown
✓ Junction Craft
✓ Kilannan
✓ Landsdowne
✓ Left Field
✓ Liberty Village
✓ Muddy York
✓ Nickel Brook
✓ Shacklands
✓ Side Launch
✓ Spearhead
✓ Sweetgrass
✓ Turtle Island
✓ Wellington
✓ William Street
Updated as we go….

With both an online and physical retail presence, OBMerch offers an easy to get your brewery merchandise or swag into the hands of your existing and potential fans and customers. Its especially practical for those without an online or retail store.


  • Consignment Pricing Model – we pay you for each item sold – no risk to either party.
  • All items are listed on Toronto Brewing’s Web store AND displayed at its retail storefront in Toronto.
  • Increased brand exposure and accessibility.
  • Work with us on a continuous basis or try it out for any set period of time.
  • 5% of all sales with be donated to a charitable cause.

What you can sell:

Anything. Glassware, shirts, sweaters, hats, toques, bottle openers, keychains, or anything else your brewery offers. You can add or retract any merchandise from the store at any point.

Consignment details:

Your brewery sets your desired amount for each item sale – we recommend setting this as near to a wholesale price as possible so that you still make money and so that our markup is not too high on top.

Products are then shipped or delivered to Toronto Brewing. OBMerch will then add a discretionary markup. At the end of each month, we will reconcile inventory and pay the brewery for each item sold that month – we ask that we reach a minimum of $40 per month before writing a cheque. If you haven’t reached $40 in consignment that month, we would add it on to the next month.

Shipping / Delivering / Getting product to us:

Breweries are ultimately responsible for shipping or delivering product to Toronto Brewing Co. We are unfortunately unable to cover shipping costs, however, if you are in the Toronto area, we can work with you to arrange pickup.

Shipping and delivery details:

Zack Weinberg
Toronto Brewing Co.
3701 Chesswood Drive, Unit 115
Toronto, ON M3J2P6

Phone: 416-901-3900Operating Hours:
Sunday – Monday Closed
Tuesday – Thursday 10:00AM – 7:00PM
Friday 9:00AM – 5:00PM
Saturday 10:00AM – 4:00PM

Product Recommendations:

We recommend, as a starting point, providing glassware and t-shirts. In terms of quantities, 24 glasses and 5-10 t-shirts of each size has been the average. We welcome all other merchandise – there is no limit.


  • Breweries will be paid on a monthly basis for each item sold.
  • Breweries may add, change, or retract any merchandise from the store at any time.
  • At any point, breweries may opt out of the OBMerch partnership and will be paid for any outstanding sales and collect any inventory stored by OBMerch.
  • Charitable donations will be deductive from OBMerch markup, not from the brewery’s price.


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