Posted January 23, 2016

Official Toronto Brewery District in the works

Update: Toronto Brewery District on ‘back burner’

Toronto – A group of 13 local brewers are banding together seeking official sanction as the Toronto Brewery District.

Steve Himel, Chair and also GM at Henderson Brewing, says, “When we first launched the plan for Henderson late in 2014 we knew we were moving into crowded territory, but that only made us more excited.  The Brewery District was hatched as an idea at almost the same time.”

The 13 members were identified as:

Bandit Brewery
Bellwoods Brewery
Blood Brothers Brewing
Burdock Brewing
Duggan’s Brewery
Folly Brewpub
Halo Brewery
Henderson Brewing
Indie Alehouse Brewing
Junction Craft Brewing
Lansdowne Brewery
Rainhard Brewing
Station Cold Brew

“The original plan was simply to borrow from what had been done in wine country – very specifically what has happened in Napa and in Niagara,” adds Himel. “We have many different personalities and styles being represented so it made sense.”

They are working alongside Toronto City Councillor Ana Bailão (Ward 18) to present the proposal for the Brewery District at council in February.

“Our hope is that people will visit the Brewery District as a launching point knowing that at least one brewery is likely to have an event going every day of the week. Like the Cineplex idea for movies, there is sure to be something for everyone,” Himel continues. “I think that is true of the general offerings as well. Some breweries have a food focus, some are focusing on more complex products, some are more simple. All are characters!”

“We are also really keen to have the cold-brew coffee guys in to help present the diversity of brewing and offer a non-alcohol version of brewed product,”

Bandit Brewing, Halo Brewing and Henderson Brewing have not yet officially opened their physical brewery locations yet, but are all slated to launch in early 2016.

Additionally, the first annual Brewery District Festival is tentatively set for July 31, 2016 at Henderson Brewing at 128A Sterling Rd.


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