Posted December 15, 2015

Ontario brewers can sell beer at 9am, but don’t know it

Toronto – Brewery retail stores in Ontario don’t open until 11am – but today’s launch of beer sales at the province’s grocery stores has highlighted a little known change to Alcohol and Gaming Commission (AGCO) guidelines.

Toronto beer advocate Chris Schryer noted today in a video that when the AGCO announced in May 2015 that Ontario brewers were now eligible for two onsite beer retail stores, the hours of operation were also appended.

Ontario brewery retail stores can now open at 9am, instead of 11am – the AGCO outlines that a brewery retail store can operate Monday to Sunday from 9am to 11pm.

Schreyer, who recently launched his series of Sight Glass videos, spoke to two Toronto brewers today who had no idea about the change.

“Since April, it looks like, breweries have actually been allowed to be open at 9am to sell beer at retail. I’ve spoken to two brewers so far – they did not know this, they were not made aware of this,” says Schryer. “Breweries have basically found out today…”.

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